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Silver Through The Ages

As early as the 12th century, the value of silver was known to man. The first form of currency minted in human history was called “the Lydian Lion,” a coin made of electrum, which is an alloyed metal of gold and silver. Even without other metals mixed into it, silver was accepted in all places around the international trade route—because it was far less common than gold but was still of excellent quality and because it was also viewed as a superior mineral. Like gold, diamonds, and other pieces of finery, silver’s prestige and desirability translated across extremely different cultures.  The discovery of this shining material bridged gaps between the East and the West, opening up the earliest international relations among humans.

Voyagers then were known to be inclined to using silver because of its antibacterial properties. Because of this, the element has long been associated with health, being used in both medicine and medical equipment. Silver is also known to symbolize honor and valor, which are esteemed values throughout different countries. Through time, people have also come to love silver not only as an item of utility, but also for its timeless beauty.

The Composition of Silver

Among silver’s most attractive qualities is its durability. Unlike other common metals, silver resists corrosion and oxidation, meaning that it is less prone to tarnishing or damage. Its strong antimicrobial quality also protects it from easy wear and tear. This means that it is often a favorite when it comes to choosing jewelry, whether for special occasions or for daily use. However, despite its value, pure silver is not the most ideal form of silver to make jewelry out of—100% silver is far too soft and malleable, meaning that daily use could scratch even the most beautifully crafted rings or bracelets. For silver to be usable when making jewelry, it must be mixed with other metals.

Sterling silver, most popularly called 925 Silver, is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. The most commonly mixed metal in sterling silver is copper, as it is considered the third most durable metal, after gold topping the list and silver coming in second. 

Uses of Silver

Its softness, resistance to oxidation, and antibacterial properties make silver an essential element in various fields. Because it can be easily shaped into thin metal sheets, many technological advancements have been made due to it. We can expect to find silver in our cell phones, kitchen appliances, and even in our televisions—silver is a favorite when it comes to circuit boards and other electrical materials as its conductivity is at par with that of gold. Aside from being a high-quality conductor, silver has allowed us great strides in the field of medicine. Being an antimicrobial element, small amounts of silver have been added into items such as bandages and disinfectants. It has also been used as an antibiotic coating on medical devices and even as fillings in the dental industry. 

Silver has also been vital to the existence of the photography industry. Traditional film photography is fully dependent on the silver halide crystals present in the film as these are what change to “record” an image when exposed to light. But most commonly, when silver comes to mind, people often think of one thing: jewelry.

Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a more affordable but still equally regal alternative to gold. Its natural brilliance offers glamour unmatched by any other mineral—whether plain wedding bands or the most intricate of necklaces, anything in this lavish tone can easily complement its wearers. Those interested in sterling silver will be happy to know that a variety of pieces are available to them regardless of what jewelry they are looking for! For engagement rings, wedding bands, or even just pieces for daily wear, an array of beautiful sterling silver pieces can be chosen from.

Caring For Your Silver Rings

Compared to gold, silver is not as tarnish-proof. However, certain extra steps can be taken in order to ensure the lasting quality of your silver pieces. In order to be able to keep your rings with you for a lifetime and have them last for the coming generations, it is of prime importance that wearers learn the basics of caring for silver jewelry. It may be a bit more complicated than caring for pieces made of other metals, but the beauty and timelessness of silver definitely makes it worth it!


To determine the authenticity of your sterling silver, an easy test would be to check for markings on the ring. Real sterling silver jewelry will be marked with either “Ster,” “925,” or “Sterling Silver.” For rings, the marking can most likely be found in the inner band. You can also tell through the use of a soft, white cloth. When gently rubbed on genuine silver, the ring will not tarnish. Silverplate rings, however, will show slight discoloration or maybe even some scratching. You could also try to smell the ring—real sterling silver will not have a smell, but ingenuine rings will smell like metal. This is an indication that there is too much copper in it. And of course, a magnet would also come in handy when testing the authenticity of jewelry. Magnets have no effect on gold or silver, so if a piece is affected by it, then it is most likely not genuine sterling silver. 

An interested buyer may also opt to take a nitric acid test, where a small piece of silver is tested using different acidity levels, which can be done at home or in jewelry stores. Not enough time? The most convenient way to ensure your jewelry’s authenticity is to bring it to an expert! Rather than risk experimenting on your own to determine your jewelry’s authenticity, professionals can evaluate it for you at little to no cost, and much quicker than you might be able to! If you are in the greater area of Nevada, take your silver rings to the Nevada Coin Mart for a quick assessment and chance for instant cash!

Cleaning and Care

Maintaining the beauty of your silver rings is a simple task. To clean it, you should opt to use a nonabrasive cloth so that you can avoid scratching it. Avoid exposing your ring to cleaning agents such as bleach, ammonia, and chlorine because these chemicals can lead to the discoloration of your prized ring.

For those with extra time, you can also choose to gently wash the ring in warm, soapy water, and then dry with a soft cloth. If you don’t wear your ring every day, the best option for your ring is to be stored in a cloth pouch or jewelry box in order to avoid scratching! If you don’t have enough time to do this yourself, professionals can also offer quick cleanings to you. Those in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the greater area of Nevada can drop by the Nevada Coin Mart to learn more about their silver rings!