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In 1965 to 1976, two coins in the US carried 40% silver – the Kennedy Half-Dollar and the Eisenhower Silver Dollar. Collectors and investors alike used the term “40% silver” when pertaining to these two major coins. This term also helps the market differentiate the two coins from the pre-1965 coinage – the ones that contained 90% silver, as well as other circulating coins in the US that do not carry any silver content. In most cases, 40% silver coins are not considered for their numismatic value. Instead, they are more often traded for the silver content they carry.


The US Mint manufactured the Kennedy Half Dollar to meet the market’s overwhelming demand. The original plan was that the Treasury would issue around 91M half dollars for circulation in 1964, but ended up minting 141M coins instead as a result of a wide and successful advertisement of the coin’s release. During the same era, the price of silver were on the rise, so the public took the opportunity to hoard silver in any way they can, and collecting 40% silver coins was one of the easiest ways to do so, even until today. Due to the market’s enthusiasm with the coin, the Treasury requested and was granted by the Congress the authority to keep minting 1964 40% silver coins until 1965. All in all, around 430M 1964 half dollar coins were produced, totalling more than all the Franklin Half Dollars in its entire run.

Reasons to Invest in 40% Silver Coins

A lot of investors and collectors go out of their way in acquiring 40% silver coins. Understand why by reading the list below:

  • Practicality – Since it contains small amounts of silver, it is more affordable and, therefore, easier to invest in. If you are looking to start your investment portfolio, acquiring 40& silver coins is probably the easiest way to enter the business.
  • Low Premium – For some reason, 40% silver coins hold a lower premium than that of 90% silver coins. This is more favorable if you are willing to pay only a little over the spot price of silver.
  • Great Gift – 40% silver coins are easier to let go of than any other silver item because of its silver content. But even so, any recipient will surely appreciate the gesture.

Popular Half Dollars

Half dollar coins may be hard to find, so if you happen to have some lying around the house, feel free to bring them into our store. We buy all half dollar coins, regardless of its condition. We look forward to buying (but not limited) the following half dollars:

  • Flowing Hair Half Dollar (1794 – 1795)
  • Draped Bust Half Dollar (1796 – 1807)
  • Capped Bust Half Dollar (1807 – 1839)
  • Liberty Seated Half Dollar (1839 – 1891)
  • Barber Half Dollar (1892 – 1915)
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916 – 1947)
  • Franklin Half Dollar (1948 – 1963)
  • Kennedy Half Dollar (1964 to Date)