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Silverware is basically used for dining purposes. It is often confused with flatware. What distinguishes it from the latter is that it is made out of silver. That means that any form of flatware can be considered a silverware when it is made from silver. These include any utensils like knives, forks, and spoons. Generally, silverware is any utensil and other household items that are forged using silver. One common example is a silver platter. Therefore, flatwares can be silverware, yet not all silverwares are flatware.

Brief History

In Western culture, any preparation, serving, and dining that uses tools with a hand are called “cutlery.” The people who make and sell these kinds of items are called “cutler.” A city in England, Sheffield, became famous in the 17th century because of its massive production of cutlery in the industry. However, it is more popularly known as silverware or flatware in the United States. They often relate cutlery to knives and other related food cutting tools. Silverware basically means that those utensils contain silver in the making, while flatware came into usage only to emphasize that it is not made of silver.

The major items in cutlery are the knife, spoon, and fork. These three items made a debut on the tables together in the Georgian Era in Britain. It was derived from the word “cuteler” from Middle English which was also derived from an Old French word “coutelier” which means knife. The world’s earliest origins can be found in the Latin word “cutler” which also means knife.

Value of Silverware 

Time has proven that because of the durability of silverware, it could be preserved for 100 or more years. Today, this precious element is deemed so rare that it is worth quite a fortune in the market. However, while most of the people who inherited those silverware items already know the value it holds, they still do not sell it as they consider it an heirloom. On the other hand, younger people don’t take much interest in keeping those heirlooms and would sell it off instead. 

However, silver’s value in general, is determined by the factors like the age of the silver, the manufacturer, its weight, design, and the current market return of silver in the market. How the silverware is made is really a crucial factor to determine its worth. If the material is “sterling”, then it will definitely hold an amount. On the other hand, if it is silver-plated, its value would depend on the current spot price of silver.

You should always remember that not all silver in color really contains silver in them. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to create silver plated items, which are produced by applying a thin coat of silver on different items. Moreover, melting silverwares to harvest the silver in them is really not wise as it may diminish the value of the metal. Now, if you have sterling silver, you may get equivalent value for its condition. The better the state, the greater the value. And if you are lucky enough, you may get a great deal in auctions or with some collectors. 

Characteristics of Silverware

Usually, items that are silver plated have marks like: “silver plate,” “plated,” “EP (Electroplated),” or “EPN (Electroplated nickel silver).” Also, if you could not spot a mark, then it would most likely be silver plated. Sterling silver items, unlike the former, always have their markings as proof of authenticity. Sterling flatwares and materials made in the United States are commonly marked with “sterling” or “ster”-which is the shortened version. But in other countries, they mark it with “925” which implicates that the item contains 92.5% of concentrated silver. Another rare mark is the word “coin” which shows that the pieces were forged from melted coins. This makes up to 90% silver composition of the item.

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